Federal Way Link Extension

Tralayne Myers

Community Outreach Specialist

Project Highlights


  • Link light rail

Overview :

The Federal Way Link Extension project will extend light rail from the future Angle Lake Station at South 200th in SeaTac, which is under construction, to Kent/Des Moines by 2023. The project also develops a shovel-ready plan for extending light rail to the Federal Way Transit Center when additional funding is secured. The corridor is about 7.6 miles long and parallels SR 99 and Interstate 5.



  • Environmental Review


Milestone: Sound Transit issued the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) on April 10, 2015.


  • South Sound

SomTV introduction to Federal Way Transit Extension

Wax ka ogoow qorshaha lagu balaarinayo gaadiidka SeaTac ilaa Federal Way iyo ka soo qeybgal qorshaha.

Riix halkaan si aad u daawato fiidiyoowga

(Translation: Learn about plans to extend transit from SeaTac to Federal Way and get involved in the process. Watch video)

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