Federal Way Link Extension

Building light rail further into south King County
Map of the area surrounding Federal Way Link Extension

Federal Way Link Extension project updates

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The Federal Way Link Extension (FWLE) will add nearly eight miles to our regional light rail system via mostly elevated tracks between SeaTac and Federal Way. This project includes three new stations in Kent Des Moines near Highline College, Star Lake, and Downtown Federal Way. 

These stations will connect to other regional transit services like ST Express, King County Metro, and Pierce Transit. The stations, by design, will support easy transfers between Link and buses. 

Stations will feature pickup and drop-off zones and provide convenient access for pedestrians, cyclists, and riders arriving on paratransit and other modes. All three stations will have parking, with an additional 3,200 parking spaces along the route.

Benefits of the FWLE

When Federal Way Link starts service in 2026, it will offer fast and frequent travel to destinations across the region, including:

  • Federal Way Downtown Station to Sea-Tac Airport in 16 minutes.
  • Kent Des Moines to Downtown Seattle in 42 minutes.

Current project status

The FWLE project is currently under construction. As the stations and tracks near completion next spring, we will begin systems and safety testing. 
From May 12 to June 23, we will connect the new power distribution system to the existing light rail network at Angle Lake Station, an essential step in building the FWLE. You can find more information about this tie-in work here.

Additionally, Sound Transit is working with King County Metro on the South Link Connections mobility project. The South Link Connections project will work to address changing mobility needs and travel options for communities with the opening of the Federal Way Link Extension. To learn more about how the project is working to develop a future transit network informed by feedback from communities visit the South Link Connections project website here.

Questions or comments in the meantime? We’re always here to help. You can contact the project team at fwlink@soundtransit.org. Have an after-hours construction concern? Please call our 24-hour hotline at 888-298-2395.