Operations and Maintenance Facility: East

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  • Link light rail

Start of service:



Sound Transit is building a Link Operations & Maintenance Satellite Facility that is needed for the expansion of the region's light rail system. By 2023, the system will grow from 16 to 50 miles and the existing light rail fleet will triple in size from 62 to 180 vehicles. The current operations and maintenance facility in Seattle, which can store and maintain up to 104 light rail vehicles, will reach full capacity by 2020. The new satellite facility will maintain, store and deploy the expanded fleet and support the efficient light rail operations approved and funded by voters in 2008. The satellite facility must be near an operating light rail line, roughly rectangular in shape and up to 25 acres. 



  • Environmental Review


Milestone: In July 2014, after a 45-day Draft EIS public review and comment period, the Sound Transit Board identified the BNSF site as the preferred alternative for a new light rail operations satellite base. 

The OMSF will:

  • Accommodate expansion of the Link light rail system to Lynnwood Transit Center, Bellevue/Overlake and Kent/Des Moines
  • Provide efficient and reliable light rail service and minimize system operating costs
  • Support Sound Transit's Regional Transit Long-Range Plan, the adopted Puget Sound Regional Council's VISION 2040 and Transportation 2040 plans.


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