Link Operations & Maintenance Satellite Facility

Site alternatives

Alternative 1: Lynnwood/BNSF Storage Tracks
Alternative 2: BNSF
Alternative 3: BNSF Modified
Alternative 4: SR520

Project phases

Alternatives development
Environmental review & preliminary design
Final design
Testing & pre-operations

Project highlights


Link Light Rail

Completion in:



Sound Transit is dramatically expanding the region's Link light rail system which includes the purchase of additional light rail vehicles. However, the current light rail operations and maintenance facility (OMF), located in the SODO area of Seattle, is not big enough for the additional vehicles.

To help store and maintain the new vehicles, and support efficient light rail operations, Sound Transit must build an operations and maintenance satellite facility.



Environmental review


Milestone: In December 2012, the Board identified the OMSF sites that will be evaluated in the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS).

The OMSF will:

  • Accommodate expansion of the Link light rail system to Lynnwood Transit Center, Bellevue/Overlake and Kent/Des Moines
  • Provide efficient and reliable light rail service and minimize system operating costs
  • Support Sound Transit's Regional Transit Long-Range Plan, the adopted Puget Sound Regional Council's VISION 2040 and Transportation 2040 plans.