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Sumner Station

Sumner Station

350 parking spaces are available.

Parking is for transit customers only unless otherwise posted. Vehicles will be ticketed or towed if they are parked for more than 24 hours, in no-parking areas, in spots for the disabled, or are violating other posted parking regulations.

Additional parking: 48 spaces, including 2 ADA spaces available in the lot at 822 Alder Street (old Red Apple lot).

Vanshare: Information is available by contacting Pierce Transit.

Parking pilot
In July 2013, the Sound Transit Board approved a 2014 pilot program to test several strategies for helping customers access public transit by managing parking more efficiently. 

Pilot information

Learn about future access improvements: Sumner Station Improvements

Sumner Station area map


810 Maple St., Sumner


  • 350 parking spaces
  • Public art
  • Ticket vending machines
  • Restrooms