East Main Station

Located south of the intersection of 112th Avenue SE and Main Street, this street-level station provides increased transit access to surrounding residences, neighborhoods and businesses in southeast downtown Bellevue. 


Mode: Link light

Opens for service: Targeted 2023

Project phase: Final design

Ride time: East Main to Northgate in about 34 minutes

Key features

  • At-grade side-platform station that will serve South Bellevue residents and employees of South Downtown businesses
  • Bus transfers adjacent to both northern and southern entrances on 112th Avenue SE

Station facilities

  • Passenger drop-off/pick-up areas on both the west and east side of 112th Avenue SE
  • Covered bicycle storage
  • Public art

Issues for final design

  • Final architectural features
  • Artist selection
  • Construction staging, schedule and methods

See most recent design materials in the document archive.

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  • Central Bellevue: started in early 2016
    • Construction of the downtown Bellevue tunnel began in early 2016 and the remainder of central Bellevue construction is currently scheduled to begin in mid 2017
  • I-90: mid 2017
  • South Bellevue: mid 2017 
  • BelRed: mid 2017
  • Overlake: mid 2017

  • PROJECT: Corridor Fences and Support Facility Gates
    • ARTIST: Celeste Cooning (Seattle)
    • DESCRIPTION: Emerging artist Cooning is developing metal artworks based on her small cut paper pieces for sections of the fence separating the light rail line along 112th Street NE from the adjacent mixed-use path and nearby street. In past work, Cooning has built on traditions of ornament and textile design to create whole environments.
    • WEB: http://www.celestecooning.com/