System performance tracker

Sharing data to improve passenger experience

Passenger focus is one of Sound Transit's six guiding values, meaning we always start with your needs and work back from there. You're the focus of everything we do! That's why we’re developing a system performance tracker, to improve passengers' experience and provide transparency into key ridership and service metrics.

This new interactive tool is a work in progress. With our initial launch, you’ll be able to track ridership trends, check out elevator and escalator service levels, or see safety metrics such as collision rates. But we know these are just a few aspects of passenger experience, and we’ll be updating and adding new categories in the months ahead.

To help you track our performance, we’ll be sharing metrics that affect these five foundational characteristics of a great passenger experience:

  • Dependable: You should expect service to pick you up and drop you off within a consistent window that allows you reasonable ability to plan your life free from a pervasive sense of uncertainty.
  • Safe: You should always be confident with the operational condition of Sound Transit's fleet. You should also always be able expect an experience free from discrimination, harassment, violence or the threat of violence.
  • Available: You should be able to access your preferred Sound Transit mode, including with reasonable assistance under the ADA, to ensure you can complete your journey.
  • Clean: We want our passengers to be confident that our vehicles and facilities will be free of excessive trash, graffiti or vandalism, with all fixtures in good working order.
  • Informed: You should be able to rely on rapid notification of service disruptions, clear notice of upcoming service changes, and easily accessible schedules and rider information.