System Expansion Progress Report

A light rail train in Lynnwood with construction in the background.
  • Spring Progress Report
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Hello, neighbor!

If you live within the Sound Transit district, you’ve been making a big investment in tomorrow. Your tax dollars are helping build the 252-mile regional network that will connect communities across three counties—plus creating more affordable housing and ensuring a greener and more equitable future for generations to come.

That’s important work, and we want to show you how it’s going. 

Explore our Spring Progress Report below (the first of three updates we’ll bring you in 2024!) for the latest info on the nation’s largest transit expansion program, including new light rail service to five new cities and 12 new stations opening this year! 

Transit workers perform testing on the new 2 Line in Bellevue with two Link light rail trains.
A construction worker on a hydraulic lift puts the finishing touches on a new art installation of a colorful neon-lit hummingbird at Lynnwood Transit Center.
A group of three construction workers with safety gear and tools are shown building the Federal Way Link Extension.
Expanding service

Regional and neighborhood connections

Use the interactive future system map below to take a deeper dive into Sound Transit projects across the region.

Tap the pulsing dots for more information about each project, and follow the link for more details to sign up for project updates and get involved.  

A list of Sound Transit system expansion projects

Powering progress

Milestones to celebrate

The first step in building transit is building relationships – and by working together with our partners and communities, we’ve accomplished a lot in the past few months! From public safety improvements to new federal funding to affordable housing opportunities around transit and more, check out how… 

Ride now

How to plan, pay, and ride with us

We’ve made it easy to find everything you need to ride Sound Transit’s Link light rail, Sounder trains, and ST Express buses. Plan your trip, learn how to pay your fare, and hop on board today! 

Ride the wave

Two teenage girls with bikes walk on the platform at Othello Station.
Beyond transit

Making our region more livable

Whether you ride transit or not, we all benefit from fewer cars on our roadways, a cleaner and greener environment, more affordable housing, and equitable access to opportunities and services across our region. In each triannual Progress Report update, we’ll bring you a new perspective on what this work means for you.  

The hands of two Sound Transit staffers are shown planting young tree seedlings.