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Check our calendar to see information on special service to events. 

Lose something on a Sound Transit bus, train, or light rail vehicle? Learn how to check if it has been found.

Sound Transit no longer issues refunds for ticket vending issues. Ticket machine refunds are now processed through the ORCA website. Please go to to start your refund request. 

If possible, please have some or all the information below, to verify your purchase:  

  • Purchase Date and time 
  • Station where ticket machine issue occurred
  • Vending machine number 
  • Receipt reference number 
  • ORCA card number (if applicable) 
  • Purchased ticket route (if applicable)  
  • Total Amount of purchase
  • Last four digits of purchasing credit/debit card number 
  • Confirm purchase is not disputed with bank 
  • Refund type requested 
  • Any added notes 

To present a claim for damages to Sound Transit, please refer to the Sound Transit Risk Management Division's How to file a claim process.