Innovation and technology

Learn how we are applying the voter-approved Innovation and Technology Fund to advance our regional transit system.

The $75 million Innovation and Technology Fund included in the 2016 voter-approved Sound Transit 3 measure will enhance mobility, technology and data research to improve agency performance. Sound Transit’s work to test parking monitoring technology, video analytics tools and accuracy of our in-vehicle automatic passenger counting systems all fall within this program.

Technology projects and partnerships

  • Multi-sensor parking space detection

Mobility projects and partnerships

  • 2019 Mobility-on-demand (MOD) Sandbox
  • Mobility Hubs course at UW
  • 2018 Uber promotional partnership

Data projects and partnerships

  • 2018-19 U Link Before/After Study
  • 2018-19 Origin/Destination Survey
  • 2018 Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • ORCA data analysis

Reports and results

  • Mobility Innovation Center Transportation Ideathon
  • 2018 UW Electrical Engineering Capstone project
  • Common Carrier Delivery Lockers
  • Cascadia Social Equity Metrics study
  • Prior Origin/Destination surveys
  • Prior Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Working with us on future projects

Sound Transit is always looking for new, data-driven ideas for how to move more people more places and connect people with transit. Partnerships are essential to the work that we do. Here is how we partner:

Partnership type Example partners Mechanism
Public agency to public agency Transit agencies, Local jurisdictions Interagency agreement
Research partnership University Interagency agreement
Public-private partnership Private market of mobility and technology service providers Contract (Proposals solicited through Sound Transit e-bid system)
Public-private partnership Private market of mobility and technology service providers Unsolicited proposal

For more information about doing business with Sound Transit, including about the e-bid system and unsolicited proposals procedure, visit our Procurement and Contracts page.

Collaborating to build capacity, through higher education or not-for-profits

In addition to working with the private market, Sound Transit values collaboration with our local research and higher education institutions to build future capacity for transportation research and development of related practical applications. We have collaborated with local institutions, student courses, capstone projects and lectures. To ensure clear expectations and to expedite supporting planning activities, this form outlines information staff need to adequately consider viability of a collaboration request pending concurrent agency work activities.