The $75 million Innovation and Technology Fund included in the 2016 voter-approved Sound Transit 3 measure will enhance mobility, technology and data research to improve agency performance. Sound Transit’s work to test parking monitoring technology, video analytics tools and accuracy of our in-vehicle automatic passenger counting systems all fall within this program.

Technology projects and partnerships

  • Multi-sensor parking space detection

Mobility projects and partnerships

  • 2019 Mobility-on-demand (MOD) Sandbox
  • Mobility Hubs course at UW
  • 2018 Uber promotional partnership

Data projects and partnerships

  • 2018-19 U Link Before/After Study
  • 2018-19 Origin/Destination Survey
  • 2018 Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • ORCA data analysis

Reports and results

  • Mobility Innovation Center Transportation Ideathon
  • 2018 UW Electrical Engineering Capstone project
  • Common Carrier Delivery Lockers
  • Cascadia Social Equity Metrics study
  • Prior Origin/Destination surveys
  • Prior Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Working with us on future projects

Sound Transit is always looking for new, data-driven ideas for how to move more people more places and connect people with transit. Partnerships are essential to the work that we do. Here is how we partner:

Partnership type Example partners Mechanism
Public agency to public agency Transit agencies, Local jurisdictions Interagency agreement
Research partnership University Interagency agreement
Public-private partnership Private market of mobility and technology service providers Contract (Proposals solicited through Sound Transit e-bid system)
Public-private partnership Private market of mobility and technology service providers Unsolicited proposal

For more information about doing business with Sound Transit, including about the e-bid system and unsolicited proposals procedure, visit our Procurement and Contracts page.