Everything you need to know about parking permits, regulations and park-and-ride lots that Sound Transit serves.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Sound Transit has temporarily suspended issuance of new carpool (HOV), single occupant vehicle (SOV) and ORCA Lift SOV permits at all park and rides. Valid MARCH 2020 permits may be displayed to park in permit areas through April and beyond, until further notice.

Permit applications accepted during this period will be placed on a wait list and processed in the order received once permit fees are reinstated. Sound Transit anticipates lifting the suspension of permit issuance and reinstating fees at each eligible facility when it is again regularly filled to or in excess of 90% of weekday capacity.

Please contact Sound Transit's permit parking administrator with questions at:


To make it easier to ride, Sound Transit reserves some parking at our busiest park-and-rides for carpool and single occupant vehicle (SOV) parking permit holders on weekday mornings. Permits provide new access to transit for riders arriving at their station or stop after the park-and-ride is typically full. Permit-holders have exclusive access to these reserved parking areas on weekdays from 4-8 a.m. at selected Sounder Stations and from 4-9 a.m. at selected Link Stations, and transit centers and park-and-rides served by ST Express buses.

The size of the reserved permit parking areas varies by facility and by month, based on the number of permits issued, but in no case will exceed 50 percent of the transit parking supply for a given station or transit center. All unpermitted parking remains available for public use on a first-come, first served basis, as do any open permit parking spaces outside permit only hours on weekdays and all day on weekends and holidays.

Carpool parking permits

Carpool parking permits are available free of charge to groups of two or more transit riders who regularly drive together to catch the bus or train. Permits give you access to priority reserved parking areas on weekdays when arriving with two or more transit riders in a vehicle during morning rush hours.

Permit applicants must provide basic contact information and ORCA card or Regional Reduced Fare Permit (RRFP) card numbers for each carpool member. Regular transit ridership is not required for initial issue of a parking permit, but once a permit is issued, ORCA records will be checked to verify regular ridership. At least two carpool members must ride a bus or train from the same station or transit center on the same day, at least 12 days per month to qualify for monthly permit renewals.

Solo driver parking permits

Solo driver, or "Single Occupant Vehicle" (SOV) parking permit applicants must use a valid ORCA card at least 12 days per month to board Sounder, ST Express, or a bus from the same station operated by King County Metro, Pierce Transit, or InterCity Transit. Paid SOV permit prices vary by location, based on market rates for parking in the surrounding areas.

Sound Transit permit parking areas

Reserved carpool and paid solo driver parking permits are available for the following Sound Transit stations and transit centers:

  • Angle Lake Station
  • Auburn Station
  • Edmonds Station
  • Federal Way Transit Center
  • Issaquah Transit Center
  • Kent Station
  • Lakewood Station
  • Mercer Island Park & Ride
  • Mukilteo Station
  • Northgate Station garage
  • Puyallup Station
  • Sumner Station (carpool permit only)
  • Tukwila Sounder Station.

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Parking Permits at King County Metro lots

Carpool and solo driver parking permits are also available at select King County Metro park-and-ride lots, including:

  • Issaquah Highlands Park & Ride
  • Redmond Transit Center
  • Eastgate Park & Ride (carpool permit only)
  • South Renton Park & Ride (carpool permit only)
  • South Kirkland Park & Ride
  • Green Lake Park & Ride (carpool permit only)
  • Tukwila Park & Ride
  • Aurora Village Transit Center
  • Kingsgate Park & Ride (carpool permit only)
  • Kenmore Park & Ride
  • Bear Creek Park & Ride
  • Bothell Park & Ride
  • Shoreline Park & Ride

Pricing and eligibility vary depending on location. For a full list of facilities and requirements, select the "Apply now" button on the permit parking page.

Discounted permit pricing for ORCA Lift qualified transit riders

Sound Transit offers solo driver parking permits at one third of the standard rate for transit riders who are qualified for and obtain an ORCA Lift reduced fare transit card. In addition to discounted parking, ORCA Lift card holders can get reduced fares per transit trip, or reduced price monthly transit passes loaded onto their card.

Find out if you're eligible for ORCA Lift, and the nearest location to enroll and get your card.

Regional Reduced Fare Permit holders

Transit riders who are 65 years of age or older, those with a qualified disability, and Medicare card holders are eligible for a Regional Reduced Fare Permit (RRFP) card. For more information, or to obtain a card, visit the RRFP page.

RRFP card holders are eligible for the ORCA Lift rate for parking permits at participating Sound Transit parking facilities if they ALSO meet the household income requirements for participation in the ORCA Lift reduced transit fare program.

To obtain an SOV parking permit at the discounted ORCA Lift rate, please:

  1. Review the ORCA Lift household income qualifications: household income guidelines to see if you qualify, or call King County Metro Customer Service at (206) 553-3000 or (800) 756-5437.
  2. Select the "Apply for a permit," button above, and follow links to start an application for an ORCA Lift rate parking permit at a participating park & ride.
  3. Provide your valid RRFP card number on the permit application page for your preferred station.
  4. Confirm your income eligibility for ORCA Lift by providing a statement of your household income and the number of persons in your household on the application page.

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