Mercer Island Station

Located in the center of I-90, riders will enter at 77th Avenue SE and 80th Avenue SE. The station is in close proximity to the Mercer Island Park-and-Ride lot and addresses the City of Mercer Island's goals of promoting mixed-use development in its town center.


Mode: Link

Opens for service: Targeted 2023

Project phase: Final design

Ride time: Mercer Island to Bellevue downtown in about 10 minutes

Key features

  • Center-platform station located in the center roadway of I-90
  • Station entrances at 77th Avenue SE and 80th Avenue SE
  • Located adjacent to existing Mercer Island Park & Ride and Mercer Island Town Center
  • Bicycle and pedestrian trail connections to the I-90 trail

Station facilities

  • Covered bicycle storage
  • Public art

Issues for final design

  • Final architectural features
  • Artist selection
  • Construction staging, schedule and methods
  • Integration of bus and light rail service

See most recent design materials in the document archive.

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  • Central Bellevue: started in early 2016
    • Construction of the downtown Bellevue tunnel began in early 2016 and the remainder of central Bellevue construction is currently scheduled to begin in mid 2017
  • I-90: mid 2017
  • South Bellevue: mid 2017 
  • BelRed: mid 2017
  • Overlake: mid 2017

  • PROJECT: Entrance Head House Artworks
    • ARTIST: Beliz Brother (Seattle)
    • DESCRIPTION: Brother explores how ideas or stories can be told through the elements of architecture: materials, form, color, scale and light. Her art will be suspended in the tall open space above each head house staircase leading to the station platform.
    • WEB: An example of her work is found here: