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Plan your trip

Enter information in the start and end boxes

  • By address: Enter the street address, you don’t need to enter city, state or zip code.
  • By intersection: Enter cross streets for your start or end point. Separate the two street names with &, and, or @.
  • By landmark: Enter the name of transit center, city office, business or school. Note: not all landmarks are available in the trip planner. If you don’t find the landmark you are looking for, try entering the address or intersection.
  • To reverse your trip, click the arrow (reverse arrow)

Select your location on the map

  • Zoom into the map to the location you want to start or end from
  • Right click (or Control Click on a Mac) to select a start or end point
  • To change the start or end point, drag the flag to a new location

Refining your results

  • You will get the most accurate results using an address or intersection as your start end points
  • If the trip planner does not have an exact match, you can select a match from the list or try to search again.

Selecting date and time

  • Leave at – Set the time you’d like to leave your starting point.
  • Arrive by – Set the time you’d like to arrive at your end point.
  • Date – Set the specific day of your trip. Note that schedules differ on weekends and holidays.
  • Time – Set the time of your trip. Note be sure to change am/pm if necessary.

Advanced search

  • Fastest trip – Choose this option to find the trip that takes the shortest amount of time from start to finish.
  • Fewest transfers – Choose this option to find the trip with the fewest number of transfers between buses.
  • Walking distance – Select how long you are willing to walk to the start or end point of your trip. Selecting a longer walking distance often provides more trip options.

Using the map

  • Plan a trip – you can plan a trip using the map by selecting a start or end point by right clicking (or control clicking on a Mac).
  • Change your trip - to change your trip, drag the start or end point on the map. A new route and results will appear in the left.
  • Zoom – to change the zoom on the map, use the gray slider on the left of the map.
  • Make the map larger – to make the map bigger, click on the double arrow on the left middle of the map. Click it again to return the map to its original size. (Resize Icon)
  • Show on the map– Click the icon in the upper right to see the following:
    • Fares Fares Icon
    • Parking Parking Icon
    • Stops Stops Icon


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