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Matthew Johnson

Matt is a Rider Information Specialist who joined Sound Transit in 2013. He has a keen eye for keeping Sound Transit riders informed about what’s happening with their bus or train commutes. The south Alabama native lives in Columbia City, rides Link to work and enjoys talking about trains and subways to anyone who will listen when he’s not busy with his baby daughter and four-year-old son.

Service Change Sep. 22-24: Changes ahead for I-90 ST Express bus routes

Rainier Freeway Station Closure On September 22 the Rainier Freeway Station will close for 5 years as Sound Transit contractors build the new East Link light light rail Judkins Park Station opening in ...

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Seafair is here: your best transit options to the action

Seafair is here! Along with lots of summer fun, expect bus reroutes as well as crowding and delays as we work to get everyone safely to their destinations. As in past years Blue Angel practices will ...

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Permit parking program expanding

In order to provide frequent transit riders with reliable parking, the Sound Transit Board today voted to offer reserved permit parking options to solo drivers.  Permits will give their holders access to ...

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Sound Transit in the News: 19 Minutes

Seattle is leading the nation is transit ridership growth. SDOT dives into the numbers. A lot has changed over the last 10 years. Link is one of the big ones. Excited about West Seattle or Ballard Link? ...

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Sound Transit in the News: Happy New Year!

We'll be running Link until 2 a.m. New Years Eve (or is it New Years Day at that point?), so make good choices and have a Happy New Year! Meanwhile or friends at King County Metro and the Seattle Streetcar ...

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Sound Transit in the News: News From the Transit/Transportation Universe

Sound Transit expanding Parking Permit Program WSDOT data show roads are getting worse. We have an idea for how to avoid (spoiler, it's transit!) Sound Transit orders new Tacoma Link cars Northend riders ...

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