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Zach Shaner

Zach is a Customer Communication Supervisor who joined Sound Transit in June 2017. Raised in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, Zach fell in love with cities and transit beginning with an eye-opening month spent in Prague back in 2002. Prior to his role at Sound Transit, Zach has worked in marketing at Pierce Transit, as a reporter for Seattle Transit Blog, and as a small business owner. Zach lives in North Beacon Hill and you’ll often catch him walking or biking over the Rizal Bridge on the way to work.

From the Boardroom: 600 new homes coming to Roosevelt, Capitol Hill, and First Hill

Thursday was a big day for housing near transit, or what the wonks call "transit-oriented development" (TOD). The Sound Transit Board approved three motions that will bring nearly 600 new units of ...

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Sound Transit in the News: A Prettier Ride

(photo credit: Lizz Giordano) Your ride through SODO just got prettier: new murals have been added. And the neighborhood is way more than just industry. Take Link down and check out how the neighborhood is ...

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An update on Northgate: we're making progress

Our light rail tunnels allow riders to whisk underneath Seattle traffic at 55mph, regardless of traffic or weather. On our Northgate Link extension, we dug eight miles of rail tunnels (four miles in each ...

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108 Affordable Apartments Come to Othello Station

On Saturday, July 8th, we are excited to celebrate the opening of Mercy Othello Plaza. Just a stone's throw from Othello Station, Mercy Othello Plaza offers 108 brand-new affordable housing units for ...

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