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Rails on the way for Northgate tunnels

Last year was a busy one for the 4.3-mile light rail extension from the University of Washington Station to the Northgate neighborhood north of downtown Seattle. Workers put in almost 1 million hours of ...

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2017 look back: Every picture tells a story

It seems like a long time ago that we kicked off 2017 but as the year draws to a close, we here at The Platform thank all our loyal readers of this fledgling “blog.” We got off to a good start and are ...

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Why doesn't Link light rail use turnstiles?

Much like we assume Peter Dinklage can't go to a dinner party without being asked about dragons and crossbows, one of the most common questions we get is, "Why don't the Link trains use turnstiles* like ...

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Sound Transit recognized for excellence across a wide spectrum of disciplines

It’s awards season and Sound Transit is proud to have been recognized for achievements across a broad spectrum of architecture, environmental, and project management categories this fall. Excellence in ...

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Going underground - East Link light rail moving forward under downtown Bellevue

Regional media visited the East Link project this week to see the mining operations beneath downtown Bellevue where light rail trains will run in 2023. The mining is going well with about 700 feet of the ...

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Beacon Hill "Common Threads" art poles rise again!

Special to The Platform by Tim Marsden, Sound Transit Art Maintenance Specialist (and all-around good guy) The Sound Transit Art Program would like to announce the return of Carl Smool’s artwork "Common ...

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