Executive leadership

Brooke Belman, the current Interim CEO at Sound Transit, has worked at the agency for 18 years, serving many roles. Most recently she was the agency Chief of Staff. She has also served as the Deputy Executive Director for Land Use Planning and Development and oversaw the agency’s Equitable Transit Oriented Development (TOD) program. Brooke brings over 20 years of strategic management and implementation, policy development, communications and public affairs experience. Brooke joined Sound Transit in 2004 and had previously worked in the field of community engagement, communications and political campaigning. Brooke serves on the Rail~Volution National Steering Committee and has held previous positions on the Women's Transportation Seminar Board.

Executive leadership team

Mary Cummings, Deputy CEO (Chief Administrative Officer) / Acting Chief Financial Officer

Kimberly Farley, Deputy CEO (Chief System Officer)

Kathy Albert, Chief Strategic Business Officer

Russ Arnold, Chief Passenger Experience and Innovation Officer

Eric Beckman, Acting Executive Director—Portfolio Services Office

Don Billen, Executive Director—Planning, Environmental and Project Development

Desmond Brown, General Counsel

Julie Honeywell, Chief Human Resources Officer

Leslie Jones, Chief Business and Labor Compliance Officer

Ron Lewis, Executive Director—Design, Engineering and Construction Management

Ted Lucas, Chief Procurement and Contracts Officer

Ann McNeil, Chief Government and Community Relations Officer

Geoff Patrick, Acting Chief Communications Officer

Jonté Robinson, Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer

Suraj Shetty, Executive Director—Operations

Jason Weiss, Chief Information Officer

David Wright, Chief Safety Officer