Find out the dates and times for Sound Transit Board meetings, special event Sounder trains, and more.

Board of Directors Retreat

February 29, 2024 | -

The Board establishes policies and gives direction and oversight. It is empowered under state law to identify ballot measures for voter approval of regional transit projects and maintains the Long-Range Plan that identifies potential projects to submit to voters. Learn more about the Board.

The purpose of this full-day retreat for Sound Transit Board members and leadership staff is to build working relationships, improve communication, and identify key challenges facing the agency.

What to expect at the meeting

Members of the public may attend the meetings in person

The retreat will start at the scheduled time but may be delayed until a quorum of the members are present.

Viewing the meetings in person

The Board meeting will be open to the public in the Weyerhaeuser Room in Everett Station on the 4th floor, located at 3201 Smith Avenue, Everett WA, 98201. Doors will be unlocked 30 minutes prior to the meeting.