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Everett Link Extension: Elected Leadership Group Meeting #5

September 28, 2022 | -

The Everett Link Extension (EVLE) adds six Snohomish County stations to the growing light rail network. The 16-mile project extends Link service north from Lynnwood City Center to the SW Everett Industrial Center, SR 526/Evergreen Way, and to Everett Station. Light rail will provide fast, reliable connections along one of the state's most congested freeway corridors. 

The EVLE project’s Elected Leadership Group (ELG) is a group of elected officials that represent the project corridor and the Sound Transit Board. The purpose of this group is to represent local perspectives in the planning process, strive for consensus around key decisions and work through project issues as necessary.

The Elected Leadership Group's purpose is to:

  • Offer an opportunity for collaboration across partner jurisdictions and Sound Transit, at the elected official level.
  • Provide ELG members the opportunity to learn in detail about project risks and opportunities, share multiple interests and discuss constraints that affect the project.
  • Provide a forum for surfacing and understanding issues, developing and evaluating creative solutions, and the identification and analyzation of tradeoffs.
  • Collaborate to produce durable decisions that help to streamline the project development and delivery process.
  • Consider the needs/opportunities for EVLE and OMF North within the context of the overall transit system.
  • Make recommendations to the Sound Transit Board at key milestones.

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