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1 Line service returns to normal Saturday, Sept. 16

Platform work at Othello and Rainier Beach stations completed ahead of schedule; trains will operate on regular schedule with start of service Saturday

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Beginning with the start of service Saturday, Sept. 16, the 1 Line will return to normal operations as platform work at the Othello and Rainier Beach stations wraps up two days ahead of schedule. Passengers should be aware that for a period during the transition back to regular service, trip planners may not display accurate information.

Work crews began reconstructing the platform and replacing platform tiles at Othello and Rainier Beach stations on August 21. The tiles were failing before their intended lifespan due to issues with the concrete below them. Most of the existing tiles were cracked or broken, creating a safety hazard for passengers. The platform closures were necessary for the safety of the work crews.

During this time, trains were running every 15 minutes. With the completion of the work, trains will return to their regular schedule. During peak hours, Link runs every eight minutes.

With the finalization of the platform work, Sound Transit ends a period of required repairs and maintenance that began August 12 with track work at the S. Royal Brougham Way. In addition to these two projects, the agency also prioritized other needed work on the system infrastructure during this period in order to reduce or eliminate some future impacts to riders. The agency thanks its riders for their patience and cooperation throughout the service disruptions.

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