Changes ahead for some Sound Transit bus routes this weekend

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All-day service from West Seattle to Airport, better Sounder connections in Kent, new Federal Way trip

Some ST Express bus routes are changing this weekend to meet increased demands and reduce duplication with other transit choices.  The updates are part of Sound Transit's thrice-yearly service changes. 

The changes include new all-day, every day service between West Seattle and Sea-Tac International Airport; new express service between the Sounder commuter rail station in Kent and the Bellevue/Overlake area; and an additional afternoon rush hour trip between Seattle and Federal Way. 

Here's the breakdown:

Route 560 (West Seattle - SeaTac Airport - Bellevue)

  • All-day service between Westwood Village Shopping Center and Sea-Tac International Airport and Bellevue seven days a week.
  • Discontinue segment of route between Westwood and Alaska Junction now served by King County Metro Rapid Ride. 

Route 567 (Kent - Bellevue/Overlake)

  • New route with non-stop service along SR-167 and I-405 between Kent and Bellevue Transit Center, with continuing service to Overlake.
  • Route 567 will meet peak-direction Sounder trains at Kent Station for northbound morning service and southbound afternoon/evening service (14 daily trips). 

Route 577 (Federal Way - Seattle)

  • Add one new southbound trip during weekday afternoon rush hour to address overcrowding; adjust other trips as needed to accommodate new trip. 

Route 566 (Auburn - Overlake)

  • Reduce frequencies and reallocate service to other routes.

Route 586 (Tacoma - University District)

  • Temporarily discontinue trips that depart Tacoma Dome Station at 9:15 and 10:15 until University of Washington autumn quarter classes begin.
  • Temporarily discontinue trips that depart NE 45th St at University Way NE at 12:38 and 1:38 until University of Washington autumn quarter classes begin. 

For detailed route and schedule information please see: