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The Regional Transit Authority is seeking a few good citizens - 15 to be exact - willing to volunteer their time and skills to serve on a citizen's panel that will monitor the RTA's progress as the regional transit system recently approved by voters is implemented. The Transit Authority is requesting letters of interest from citizens with specific skills or experience, and who are willing to serve for a minimum of two years on the Citizen Oversight Panel called for in "Sound Move," the 10-year regional transit system plan approved by the region's voters in November.

The Oversight Panel will monitor the RTA's performance and provide recommendations to the Transit Authority Board regarding its commitments to the public in a number of policy areas, including budget and financial management, adherence to schedules, public participation in the plan's implementation, evaluation of project alternatives and review of the annual independent performance audits of the RTA.

Applicants must be registered voters who either live or work within the RTA district boundary and have experience in one or more of the areas of panel responsibility including general management, financial management, audit processes, public facilities and services, government or public policy.

Once formed, the panel will establish its own procedures and meeting schedules, but it is expected the group will meet at least quarterly. Initially, appointments to the panel will be for either two-year or three-year terms, with the possibility of reappointment up to a maximum of six years.

Anyone meeting the criteria and interested in being considered should submit a one-page letter of interest highlighting the expertise they would bring to the panel to the RTA by Tuesday, January 21.

Letters of interest should be addressed to: Bob Drewel, Chair; Regional Transit Authority; 821 Second Ave., MS-151; Seattle WA 98104.

Following the January 21 deadline, the members of the Transit Authority Board will receive copies of all letters of interest. Each boardmember may then nominate up to three names for consideration. A review panel made up of four representatives of local good government organizations and the members of the RTA Board's Executive Committee will jointly review the nominations and recommend a slate of 15 names to the full RTA Board for ratification by the end of February. At least two citizen representatives will be selected from each of the five subareas of the RTA District.

"Sound Move" is the 10 year plan for developing light rail transit, commuter rail service on existing tracks, new express bus service, and creation of an HOV Expressway by providing new on- and off-ramps directly connecting to the state's growing network of bus and carpool lanes in the Central Puget Sound region. Voters in the metropolitan three-county region approved local funding for the plan at last November's general election.

More information about the RTA and the Citizen Oversight Panel selection process is available by calling the Puget Sound Regional Transit Authority during normal business hours at 206-398-5000 , or by leaving a message on the RTA's toll-free information line at 1-800-201-4900. The information is also available through the RTA's world-wide web site:

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Sound Transit plans, builds and operates regional transit systems and services to improve mobility for Central Puget Sound.