City announces funding for equitable community, long-term affordable homes next to future Roosevelt light rail station

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This news release was issued jointly by the City of Seattle and Sound Transit.

Sound Transit and City issue request for proposals for transit-oriented development

The Seattle Office of Housing today announced $15 million in funding for building affordable homes at Seattle's future Roosevelt light rail station. The Office is joining Sound Transit in issuing a joint request for proposals (RFP) for the project.

"Building and maintaining affordable housing that is connected to viable transportation options has been a key focus of my Administration and of the Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda," said Seattle Mayor Ed Murray, a member of the Sound Transit Board. "This project is exactly the type of transit-oriented development we need in Seattle to make it more affordable to live and work in the city, while reducing our carbon footprint by keeping cars off the road. Transit-oriented development makes our city more accessible and affordable for everyone."

The RFP for the site near the future Roosevelt light rail station is one of several transit-oriented development (TOD) transactions that Sound Transit is advancing this year. Other upcoming transactions include properties in First Hill, Capitol Hill, and Angle Lake.

"It is exciting to see the Sound Transit commitment to create equitable communities come to fruition," said Councilmember and Sound Transit Board Member Rob Johnson. "We need housing for all incomes at light rail stations so that all Seattle residents can take advantage of the health, mobility, and cost benefits of living near transit."

Earlier this year, the Roosevelt community actively participated in a public engagement process to inform the priorities of the transit-oriented development opportunity adjacent to the future station. Many of the community priorities identified through this public process have been integrated into this procurement.

"The Office of Housing appreciated working with a group of neighbors who welcome and support building affordable homes," stated Steve Walker, Director of the Seattle Office of Housing. "The Roosevelt public process is a model for participation to create inclusive communities where families of all income levels can afford to live."

"With this project Sound Transit will expand on its successful track record of using property surrounding our stations to create affordable housing and vibrant communities," said Sound Transit CEO Peter Rogoff. "We are very pleased to be working in close partnership with the City of Seattle and Roosevelt residents to build out the community's vision for its future."

"The Roosevelt Neighborhood Association appreciated the opportunity to work with the City and Sound Transit to provide input on creating a mix of affordable housing and commercial uses clustered around the new transit station," said Jay Lazerwitz, Land Use Committee Chair for the Roosevelt Neighborhood Association. "We know affordable homes are an important community asset that will make our neighborhood a better place to live and work."

The Roosevelt Station will open for service in 2021 as one of three stations that will serve the Northgate Link Extension. The affordable housing will be built on a site adjacent to the Roosevelt Station between NE 66th and NE 67th streets and between 12th Avenue NE and Roosevelt Way NE. The property is expected to become available for TOD construction in early 2020. The request for proposals was issued Aug. 4. A successful proposer will be announced by the end of the year after a competitive process managed by Sound Transit and the City's Office of Housing. The RFP is available for download from Sound Transit via Interested parties must register under the site's register tab to access solicitation documents.

The authorizing legislation for the Sound Transit 3 measure that regional voters approved last year included provisions for prioritizing equitable transit-oriented development and affordable housing in the use of Sound Transit surplus property. Going forward these provisions will guide Sound Transit's continuing investments in affordable housing. This RFP builds off past collaboration between the Office of Housing and Sound Transit to create affordable housing on surplus Sound Transit property, including 57 units developed by Artspace at Mt. Baker Station, 108 units developed by Mercy Housing Northwest at Othello Station, and 110 units soon to be developed by Capitol Hill Housing at the Capitol Hill Station. Sound Transit also partnered with the Korean Women's Association to create 62 units for low-income Seniors at the Federal Way Transit Center.