Demolition to begin at operations base for Central Link light rail

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Sound Transit contractor is scheduled to begin clearing the way for the Central Link light rail Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Facility this week with the first visible pre-construction work at the site, including building demolition.

The contractor, Tacoma-based R.W. Rhine, Inc., is scheduled to begin using heavy equipment to remove one of the buildings on the 25-acre O&M Facility site beginning at approximately 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday, September 25.

This site preparation activity should not noticeably disrupt traffic, except for some additional trucks hauling away debris on South Forest Street. The work will be visible from South Forest Street and its corresponding I-5 off-ramp, so motorists are urged to exercise caution. Additional traffic updates will notify the public of any future disruptions.

As a whole, this pre-construction work will include the demolition of existing structures, cleanup of any contamination, and salvage and removal of debris. These activities are a necessary precursor to construction of the light rail maintenance base (or any other construction or use of the site). The work is to be completed by spring 2003.

Located west of Airport Way between South Forest and South Hinds streets, the O&M facility will serve as the maintenance base, train storage yard and operating center for the entire Central Link light rail system. Construction is scheduled to begin next year, pending the federal government's approval of a Full Funding Grant Agreement that will provide an additional $409 million for Central Link.

Sound Transit is distributing e-mails and flyers to keep nearby businesses and interested parties informed about activities at the site. Information, including maps and graphics, is available at linkrail/central/construct/construct.htm. Interested parties can also sign up for regular construction-related traffic updates from the SODO Business Association at

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