Don’t forget your ORCA pass sweetie: “Voice of Reason” ad campaign awarded best in nation

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Sound Transit efforts to increase ridership highlight savings of time, money and stress

Sound Transit's "Voice of Reason" swayed The American Public Transportation Association (APTA) at their annual meeting this week in Seattle. The national transit advocacy group awarded Sound Transit a Grand Prize in its annual advertising competition for its "Voice of Reason" ridership campaign.

The annual AdWheel Awards recognize public transportation systems for excellence in advertising, communications, marketing, and promotion.

"AdWheel Award recipients are creative, imaginative leaders, who set the bar for extraordinary public transit communications," said APTA President & CEO Michael Melaniphy. "We celebrate their remarkable ability to create engaging materials and messages to advance public transportation."

The "Voice of Reason" television, radio, social media and outdoor advertising campaign featured the Voice of Reason, a Betty White-type character who helps stressed out commuters reason with their more reasonable selves and take public transit to save time and money while reducing their stress levels. The ads were produced by GreenRubino of Seattle.

In one ad the "Voice of Reason" explains how much money transit can save a truck-loving commuter.

Sound Transit carried and average of 83,000 riders every weekday on its commuter rail, express bus and light rail lines in 2011, an 11 percent increase over 2010. Ridership is up 12 percent through June in 2012 over 2011.

Over 500 entries competed this year in the four categories of print, electronic, campaign, and special event. First place honors were awarded in various subcategories for each of the four groups, based on system size.

Sound Transit's Grand Prize won the campaign category for systems that carry more than 20 million annual riders. It was the agency's ninth Grand Prize in 12 years of competing in the AdWheel competition.