Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel closed June 12-13

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On Saturday and Sunday, June 12-13, there will be a two-day closure of the Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel for engineering work. Sound Transit will be providing a free bus bridge between Westlake Station and the SODO Station for light rail passengers during the tunnel closure. All Metro tunnel bus routes will use surface streets that weekend.

The free Link shuttle buses will be operating between the SODO Station and Third Avenue and Pine Street in downtown Seattle. They will make six stops in each direction northbound and southbound, with 8 to 10-minute service from 5 a.m. to 1 a.m. There is more information about the shuttles online at:

On weekends, there are fewer Metro bus routes operating in the tunnel. Those routes with weekend service - routes 41, 71, 72, 73, 101, 106, 150, 255 and Sound Transit 550 - will be using surface streets during the closure. For surface boarding locations for those routes, visit: All regular fares will apply for Metro's weekend service.

Information about where to board Metro buses and the Link shuttles during the closure will be posted at the tunnel entrances.

Note: Some alarms, ventilation fans and electronic signs at tunnel entrances may indicate emergency situations over the weekend. These will be simulated drills which are part of the engineering work.