Final track section welded into place for Tacoma Link Light Rail

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With sparks flying, construction workers today welded into place the final section of rail for Sound Transit's one-point-six mile Tacoma Link Light Rail line.

"The days of driving a "Golden Spike" are history," said Sound Transit Board Vice-Chair/Pierce County Executive John Ladenburg, "but this is historic nonetheless."

"We laid the first section of rail on a cold, rainy morning 482 days ago," added Ladenburg. "Today we complete the job, paving the way for testing of the entire system this summer and the beginning of service this September."

Tacoma Link is an important piece of the Sound Transit network," said Sound Transit Boardmember/Tacoma City Councilman Kevin Phelps. "Not only is it the first new light rail line in Western Washington in more than 60 years," he added, "riders will be able to board T-Link in downtown and connect at Tacoma Dome Station with ST Express regional bus service, Sounder commuter rail, local Pierce Transit bus service along with Greyhound and nearby Amtrak."

Construction on Tacoma Link began in spring, 2001. The first section of rail was placed on December 11, 2001. T-Link will run one-point-six miles with five stops between Tacoma Dome Station and the historic Theater District.

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