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Installation of on-demand bike lockers starts this week at UW, SODO and Rainier Beach Stations

New lockers will accommodate more cyclists per space than older lockers

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In recognition of the increased number of Sound Transit riders using bicycles as part of their trip, the agency is installing shared, on-demand bike lockers this week at Link stations. The lockers are a first at the University of Washington Station, while new lockers at the SODO and Rainier Beach Stations will replace older ones and more than double the number of available spaces.

UW Station was built with 286 rack spaces. The installation will result in 60 bike locker spaces and a total of 234 rack spaces. The number of locker spaces at SODO Station will increase from 13 to 32, and at Rainier Beach Station from 16 to 34.

The new bike lockers will be available by the hour on a first-come, first-served basis in contrast to Sound Transit's existing bike lockers, which are leased annually. Sound Transit has contracted with BikeLink to install and operate the lockers. The lockers will cost five cents per hour. 

In order to use the lockers, riders will have to first purchase a BikeLink card. The card costs $20 and comes with $20 in credit. The card can be purchased online at the BikeLink website or by calling BikeLink at 1-888-540-0546.

Because it can take up to five days for the card to arrive by mail, riders who are interested in using the lockers are encouraged to contact BikeLink to ensure that they can use the lockers as soon as they open. The BikeLink card also provides access to and payment for lockers at more than 350 locations nationwide. Sound Transit's partners at King County Metro Transit have BikeLink lockers at 12 transit stations and plans to install more.

An FAQ about the new lockers is available on the Sound Transit website

The new lockers will be ready in time for Connect 2020, 10 weeks of construction that will reduce Link service beginning Jan. 4. During construction, Sound Transit is prohibiting bicycles at Pioneer Square Station. Southbound riders with bicycles will exit at University Street, and northbound riders with bicycles will exit at International District/Chinatown. People riding bicycles between University Street and International District/Chinatown stations can use protected bicycle lanes on Second Avenue, S. Main Street, and Fifth Avenue S.