Major Milestone for Tacoma Link Light Rail: Delivery/Installation of Electrical Power Substation (A great picture story!)

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A giant crane will rise from the streets of Tacoma Tuesday April 9 to gently put in place the main power supply for Sound Transit's Tacoma Link light rail system.

The 105 foot crane will be used to place the 70,000 pound structure into place on S. 25th Street adjacent to the I-705 overpass.

The substation building will house two independent power units supplying Direct Current for the Light Rail Vehicles.


  • Height: 12 feet
  • Weight: 70,000 pounds
  • Length/Width: 53.6 ft. X 13. 6 ft.
  • Cost: $517,201
  • Manufacturer: Impulse NC of Mt. Olive, North Carolina
  • Capacity: Each unit will supply 300,000 watts

WHAT: Placement of power substation for Tacoma Link light rail system

WHERE: S. 25th Street under the I-705 freeway overpass

WHEN: Tuesday April 9, 2002

Sometime after Noon

(NOTE TO EDITORS: Page Lee Somerstein <206-689-9804> Tuesday Morning to determine exact time)

EDITORS: Due to a construction delay in Central Washington, the trailer with the Tacoma Link power substation has been delayed. The attached advisory contains updated information for placement of the substation structure. Placement is tentatively scheduled for early Tuesday afternoon. Please page me (206-689-9804) Tuesday morning for an update.

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