Make biking part of your transit equation for healthy, stress-free commutes

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Almost two million people within an easy ride to a train station or transit center

Sound Transit has launched a new campaign to show Puget Sound travelers how easy it is to combine biking and transit for trips around town or around the region.

Almost two million people live within three miles of a Sound Transit train station or transit center - a short bike ride away. Bikes are welcome on all Sound Transit trains and buses.

"Sound Transit makes it easy to combine a quick bike ride with transit," said Sound Transit Board member and Seattle City Council member Richard Conlin. "Roll your bike onto the train or leave it locked at the station. Either way you're saving yourself the hassle of driving and parking."

Sound Transit estimates that more than 400,000 people live within three miles of a Link light rail station. All stations feature bike racks for locking up bikes and many include bike lockers available to rent.

With most Sound Transit park-and-ride facilities full every day, riding to the train or transit center can be a stress-free way to start the commute.

"Ride a bike to the station and forget about looking for parking or worrying about getting the last spot," said Sound Transit Board member and Sumner Mayor Dave Enslow. "For these quick rides you don't need a fancy bike or special clothes - just ride."

The new campaign features distinct signage on all Sound Transit buses and trains and a new web presence at: