Mass transit guides start arriving in mailboxes today

Publish Date

Today, registered voters across the Sound Transit District will start receiving mailers explaining the mass transit expansion proposal they will consider as part of the Nov. 4 general election. This Mass Transit Guide mailer provides voters with detailed information about the expansions, as required by state law [RCW 81.104.140(8)].

The information provided in the mailer is also available at, along with an interactive map and other detailed information about the Sound Transit 2 proposal.

The region’s continuing population growth of more than 30 percent by 2030 will put major demands on its transportation system. Sound Transit’s ridership grew by 25 percent from July 2007 to July 2008. Ridership on Sounder, the fastest-growing commuter rail system in the nation, increased 38 percent. In shaping the proposal, the Sound Transit Board closely considered the public’s input on how mass transit should grow in response. Sound Transit’s call for public input generated more than 15,000 responses in 2008 alone. The input is summarized on the website.

The Sound Transit 2 proposal includes expansion of bus service starting in 2009 as well as expansions of light rail and commuter rail service:

  • Rapid express bus expansions: 17 percent increase in ST Express regional bus service beginning in 2009
  • More commuter rail service: 65% more Tacoma-Seattle commuter rail capacity
  • Expanded light rail service: 36 new miles, creating a 55-mile light rail regional system
  • Easier access for transit riders: Improves access and parking throughout the region
  • Investment in regional mass transit expansion: Typical new cost per adult would be about $69 per year
  • Accountability and local control: Binding tax rollback provisions and geographic equity
  • Environment and economy: Reduces pollution and saves travel time