More parking for Sounder commuters in Edmonds starting Monday

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Sounder riders will be able to park in 53 additional temporary spaces until 103 total spaces become available May 1

Sound Transit has signed a lease agreement with Salish Crossing, LLC, to provide 53 temporary parking spaces next to the Edmonds Sounder Station starting Monday morning.

The additional parking at 190 Sunset Avenue South will supplement 156 spaces already provided at the station while Salish Crossing constructs a 103-space surface lot under a separate, five-year lease agreement.

The temporary parking spaces will be available for commuter use until the larger lot opens May 1.

The extra parking comes at a time when ridership on the north line is growing. Sounder ridership from Edmonds to Everett grew 18 percent in the third quarter this year compared to the same period last year.