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More parking spaces to greet Everett Station commuters Wednesday

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Sound Transit doubles parking capacity with completion of Phase II construction

Snohomish County commuters will breathe a sigh of relief on Wednesday morning with 440 new parking spaces opening at Everett Station.

Sound Transit’s Phase II construction project at Everett Station adds a new parking lot on the east side of the Sounder commuter rail tracks, as well as a new pedestrian bridge and plaza with a new art installation, and new bus layover space. Everett Station is a multi-modal transit hub that serves Sounder commuter rail, ST Express buses, Community Transit, Everett Transit, and other transit providers.

More and more commuters are using transit to ride out this recession,” said Aaron Reardon, Sound Transit Board vice chairman and Snohomish County Executive, “and this added parking gives us the room we need to keep up with our ridership growth.”

The completed expansion project will make it easier for the growing number of Snohomish County commuters who are turning to public transit for their commute. More than 75 percent of the park-and-ride facilities served by Sound Transit’s buses and trains throughout the region are full or over capacity.

“More parking means more people in Everett and Snohomish County can get to and from their jobs while reducing traffic. It's good for our economy and our environment,” said Sound Transit Boardmember and Everett City Councilmember Paul Roberts.

“This is exactly the kind of investment we need to be making in our community and our transit infrastructure to pull us out of the economic slump,” said Sound Transit Boardmember and Mukilteo Mayor Joe Marine.

The $13.6 million project was funded by Sound Transit and the Federal Transit Administration, with additional planning partners Burlington Northern Santa Fe, the City of Everett, and Everett Transit contributing to the project.