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New name coming for one of Downtown Seattle’s light rail stations 

Union Street/Symphony Station will debut when Northgate light rail extension opens in 2021, replacing University Street Station

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* PLEASE NOTE: The changing of the station name that was addressed in this news release was ultimately cancelled by an amendment adopted by the Sound Transit Board. The Board directed that University Street Station continue with that name while the staff develops a comprehensive, system-wide plan for naming stations throughout the Sound Transit District and across multiple lines of service to be implemented in coordination with the East Link Extension opening.

The Sound Transit Board voted today to change the name of the University Street Link light rail station to Union Street/Symphony Station. The renaming will take place in 2021 upon the opening of the Northgate Link extension, including the new U District Station, and will avoid rider confusion over multiple stations with university-based names. 

The station has operated under the University Street Station name since it opened in 1990 as part of the downtown transit tunnel which only served buses until Link light rail opened in 2009. In 2016, the light rail system expanded with the opening of the Capitol Hill and University of Washington stations.

The name change comes after a public engagement process in which Sound Transit received 14,000 survey responses. "Symphony" emerged the winner after all the votes were tallied. The Union Street/Symphony Station name will maintain the current "USS" acronym that is used for the station, avoiding the costs of technical updates to the tunnel’s operating and life safety systems.

Over the next five years the regional light rail system will dramatically expand. Following the 2021 opening to Northgate, trains will reach Mercer Island, Bellevue and the Redmond’s Overlake area in 2023. Only one year later in 2024 extensions will open to Shoreline, Mountlake Terrace, Lynnwood, Kent, Federal Way and Downtown Redmond.