Rainier Valley light rail construction proposal $30 million under budget

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The top ranked proposal for constructing light rail in the Rainier Valley has come in $30.4 million under estimates - the fourth major light rail contract for the implementation of the Initial Segment to come in under budget.

The proposal, submitted by the joint venture of RCI-Herzog, is for $128.3 million. The Sound Transit Board will consider awarding the contract in January. Construction is scheduled to begin in summer 2004.

"The Rainier Valley procurement confirms the competitiveness of the current construction market and reflects the good work by our design team" said Link Light Rail Director Ahmad Fazel. "We're impressed with the responsiveness of RCI-Herzog to the RFP and their commitment to deliver the project on time and within budget. RCI-Herzog's approach also reflects the importance of working closely with local businesses and residents during construction."

For the construction of the 4.3-mile Rainier Valley segment, which extends from South McClellan Street to just north of the Boeing Access Road, Sound Transit used a "best value" procurement process. The process considered other key criteria in addition to cost, placing equal emphasis on price and technical proposals, including proposed plans for minimizing community impacts. RCI-Herzog was determined to be the responsive and responsible proposer that represents the best value to Sound Transit.

"Keeping a constant focus on reducing and quickly addressing community impacts while constructing a quality project are top priorities of the best value procurement process," Fazel said.

The City of Seattle, a key light rail project partner, and private utility companies will contribute a total of $14.1 million for utility work, including relocating water and sewer lines as well as moving above-ground electrical, telephone and cable lines to underground conduits. These and other major streetscape improvements in connection with light rail construction will significantly enhance the Martin Luther King Jr. Way corridor.

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