Regional transit agencies host lunchtime fair in Seattle to help commuters “Dump the Pump”

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Westlake Park fair features trip planning help, ORCA card sales

Commuters wanting to learn how to save money and stress by taking transit can stop by a lunchtime information fair Thursday afternoon at Westlake Park as part of national Dump the Pump Day. 

The June 20 fair will include representatives or information from Sound Transit, King County Metro, Community Transit, Kitsap Transit, Intercity Transit, Washington State Ferries, Commute Seattle and the City of Seattle. 

The 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. event will feature live music and personal trip planners to help commuters plan their trip by bus, train or ferry. The fair will also feature a new mobile customer service terminal where commuters will be able to purchase or reload ORCA transit cards by cash or check. 

Commuters will also have the opportunity to get their own personalized Undriver LicenseTM. The unofficial ID-size cards are a fun way to promote finding alternatives to using a car and are being issued by Sound Transit in partnership with the non-profit UndrivingTM organization. They feature the UndriverTM name, photo and favorite alternative ways to travel. People of any age can get an Undriver LicenseTM.

National Dump the Pump Day is sponsored by the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) and supported by the Sierra Club and the National Resources Defense Council, to encourage people to take advantage of local transit systems across the nation. By doing so, people can save money as well as help the environment and increase the nation's energy independence.

The latest APTA Transit Savings Report shows that a two person household that downsizes to one car can save - on average - more than $9,700 a year. People can also save hundreds of dollars a year by simply leaving their cars at home and using transit to get to work or school every day.

For more information about transit options, how to plan a trip or activities in your community, visit these websites:

Community Transit,
Intercity Transit,
King County Metro Transit,
Kitsap Transit,
Sound Transit,
Washington State Ferries,

Undriving, Undriver, and Undriver License are trademarked by UndrivingTM, Inc.