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Regular Link light rail service to resume Monday morning

Passengers will no longer need to transfer at Pioneer Square; trains will be running every ten minutes during peak hours Monday with normal eight-minute peak frequencies Tuesday

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Link light rail will return to regular service when trains begin running tomorrow morning, ending an unplanned period of single tracking through downtown stations. During peak hours on Monday, trains will be running every 10 minutes instead of the usual eight minutes while service ramps up. By Tuesday, trains are expected to be running at their normal eight-minute frequency during peak hours. 

The return to regular service means trains will no longer be single tracking through downtown stations, and passengers will not be required to transfer at Pioneer Square station if they are traveling in either direction beyond that point. 

Sound Transit was forced to disrupt Link service on April 27 to investigate the damage caused when a non-Sound Transit construction crew working at street level broke through the roof of the tunnel above Westlake station. While no one was injured at the time, subsequent examination of the damage showed that it was more significant than originally thought, necessitating the emergency service disruption for the safety of passengers. 

The closure of the northbound platform allowed Sound Transit personnel to more closely examine the damage and determine what repairs will be necessary. Crews erected scaffolding on the station platform to remove debris and inspect the area. They will be removing the scaffolding tonight and the platform will be fully open tomorrow morning. Work will be continuing to repair the damage, but in a way that allows for a return to service.

A language line is available to provide translation assistance for limited English proficiency persons at 800-823-9230.

Sound Transit remains committed to working closely with its partners to continue serving the public. Efforts will continue to prioritize serving riders who depend on Sound Transit’s services, including seniors, people with disabilities, Title VI protected populations (race, color, national origin), low-income and limited-English-proficiency populations. 

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