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Simulated service to begin on Hilltop Tacoma Link Extension

Civil construction complete; trains to run every 20 minutes on full T Line alignment

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With the completion of civil construction, test trains will begin running on the entire length of the T Line from Tacoma Dome to the Hilltop District every 20 minutes as part of preparation for opening called simulated service. Passengers headed north will still need to deboard at the old Commerce Street/new Theater District station.

Due to train car availability, the 20-minute frequency will run at least through the weekend, typical of T-Line Sunday service, but less frequent than the usual 12-minute headways Monday through Saturday. Frequencies are expected to improve next week. 

Running the simulated service on this altered schedule over the next several days allows for the stress testing of operations in anticipation of opening late this summer.

People in the Stadium and Hilltop areas should stay alert and be aware of the regular trains now traversing the neighborhood. Pause and look both ways before crossing any intersection and use crosswalks, not shortcuts.
The 2.4-mile Hilltop extension doubles the length of the T Line and includes one relocated station and six new stations. Passengers will have access to Wright Park and major medical facilities. The project also includes an expansion of Sound Transit’s Operations and Maintenance Facility in Tacoma.  

Riders can check the T Line schedule for the latest schedule information. For more information on the Hilltop Tacoma Link Extension and to sign up for project updates, visit