Sound Transit applauds House Transportation Committee bill with full authority for regional transit expansion

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Statements in response to the House Transportation Committee's inclusion of Sound Transit's full authority request of $15 billion
The chair and vice chairs of the Sound Transit Board today issued the following statements following the Washington State House Transportation Committee's passage of a transportation package that includes the full $15 billion requested authority for regional voters to consider a comprehensive Sound Transit 3 ballot measure.
Sound Transit Board Chair and King County Executive Dow Constantine
"This action to provide the full $15 billion in funding authority gives voters the chance to bring light rail to Tacoma, Everett, downtown Redmond, Ballard and West Seattle. It's a great day for regional mobility. My thanks to the House Transportation Committee for taking this important step, and we now look to the full House and Senate to agree." 
Sound Transit Board Vice Chair and Tacoma Mayor Marilyn Strickland
"Today when a traveler arrives at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, she can take light rail to Seattle, but she can't take it to Tacoma. We need to change that, and provide relief for bus riders and drivers trapped in rising I-5 congestion. We applaud the House Transportation Committee for taking this important step and call on both chambers to advance the $15 billion in authority before adjourning."
Sound Transit Board Vice Chair and Everett City Council Member Paul Roberts
"In the last two years we've seen congestion delays on I-5 double. If we want to keep our economy moving we must move forward now with investments in congestion-free light rail. We hope the full House and Senate will agree with the House Transportation Committee's action to provide Sound Transit with the $15 billion in authority so we can finish the regional light rail spine and build other critical projects."