Sound Transit Board narrows light rail route options for Roosevelt and Northgate

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Extending light rail from the University District to the Northgate Transit Center is Sound Transit's highest priority when new funds become available. With that in mind, the Sound Transit Board has been moving forward to select the route and station locations so design work can begin as soon as possible.

On July 27, following extensive public discussion of five route options, the Sound Transit Board narrowed the options to two routes for further study and consideration. The Board intends to select a final route this fall. The two options are:

12th Avenue Northeast with an underground station at Northeast 65th Street between Roosevelt Way and 12th Avenue Northeast. In this option, the University District light rail tunnel would be extended north from Northeast 50th Street under the Roosevelt business district and Lake City Way ramps to Northeast 76th Street.

Eighth Avenue Northeast with an elevated station at Northeast 65th Street. This option includes a shorter extension of the University District light rail tunnel, an elevated section and a retained cut section along the eastern edge of I-5. A decision regarding the construction staging area associated with the Eighth Avenue route will be made in September.

Both route options would end at an elevated station near Northeast 103rd Street. The Board selected the station site east of First Avenue Northeast near the existing Northgate Transit Center. (Any extensions beyond Northgate are subject to voter approval of a second phase of the system.)

Thank you for being involved in this important project

We appreciate the active involvement of citizens from the University District, Roosevelt and Northgate areas. At several community meetings and Sound Transit board meetings, community members spoke up about their concerns and recommendations. While our decisions will not meet everyone's hopes and expectations, we are doing our best to balance regional transportation solutions with neighborhood interests and concerns.

Together, we are moving forward to create a new transportation system for Puget Sound.

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