Sound Transit Board strengthens agency overs

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The Sound Transit Board of Directors, in a move to further strengthen the agency's oversight and credibility with its constituents, has created a new Performance Audit Committee. The motion to create the new committee was approved by a 13-0 vote.

"This is a key move to bring an added measure of independent review to the agency's work - something that's been the goal of our critics AND supporters," said Sound Transit Boardmember Kevin Phelps. Phelps is one of the architects of the new committee.

The new committee will be comprised of two members of the Sound Transit Board of Directors, two members of the Citizen Oversight Panel, and three independent citizens with expertise in performance auditing (one citizen from each county in the Sound Transit taxing district - King, Pierce, and Snohomish).

"This is the culmination of some very hard work taken on almost a year ago by Boardmembers Drewel (who led the effort), Mosher, Enslow and Crawford; Citizens Oversight Panel members Carter, Shannon and Shockey, the Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce and Project Review Committee Chair Charles Royer," said Phelps.

"This is a major change in how ST activities are reviewed. The COP is our primary reviewer but does not perform audits. They focus on agency performance in terms of Sound Move, our business systems and practices, and financing plans and systems controls. Performance audits will bring particular focus on detailed specific areas of performance. It's a different level of effort and expertise," added Phelps.

The purpose of the Performance Audit Committee will be to plan, direct, and monitor performance-based audits focusing on agency deliverables and outcomes and report its activities and findings to the ST Board in consultation with the Executive Director.

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