Sound Transit breaks ground on new Mukilteo Sounder station

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Sound Transit today broke ground on Mukilteo Station, which in less than a year will offer Sounder commuter rail service to the Mukilteo area. 

The project is part of a multi-agency effort to vitalize Mukilteo’s waterfront and increase transportation options.

“The Mukilteo Station will be one part of a larger multi-modal transit hub that will link ferries, automobiles, buses and commuter rail transportation,” said Sound Transit Board Member and Snohomish County Executive Aaron Reardon. “The cooperative effort that is underway will help reduce congestion on the Mukilteo Speedway, Interstate 5 and the overall transportation system in the region.”

“Mukilteo is a good example of the power of partnerships,” said state Senator Mary Margaret Haugen. “Washington State Ferries, the City of Mukilteo, the Port of Everett, the City of Everett and Sound Transit are all working together to offer better transportation to the public.”

“This station is a great addition to the region’s transportation system and will be key to moving people in Snohomish County throughout Western Washington,” said state Representative Brian Sullivan, “But it’s only the beginning. In the next 15 years Snohomish County will have to plan for 300,000 additional people. This makes transportation a top priority and the Mukilteo Sounder station is a great start.”

“This new station and the Sounder trains will add to the spirit of our waterfront,” said Mukilteo Mayor Joe Marine. “When it opens to the public in the spring, we’ll be one big step closer to fulfilling our bigger vision for the waterfront.”

“By mid 2008 passengers will be boarding Sounder trains here in Mukilteo,” said Sound Transit Board member and Edmonds City Councilmember Richard Marin at a groundbreaking ceremony today. “Sounder is not only the most scenic ride in the region, it will open up a new, congestion free commute, letting Mukilteo residents and others leave traffic behind.”

The budget for both Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the Mukilteo Station project is $19.2 million, with funding provided by Sound Transit and the Federal Transportation Administration. Planning partners for the project include City of Mukilteo, Burlington Northern Santa Fe, Port of Everett, and Washington State Ferries.

When the Mukilteo Station opens to passengers in spring 2008, three round-trip Sounder trains will run between Everett and Seattle every weekday. The new Mukilteo Station is yet another in a long list of Sounder improvements that will roll out in the fall of 2007 and throughout 2008. By the end of 2008, Sound Transit expects to be running nine round-trip trains in the south corridor, including 2 “reverse commute” round-trip trains, as well as four round-trip trains in the north corridor between Everett and Seattle.

Sound Transit’s Mukilteo Sounder Station is part of a larger effort to revitalize Mukilteo’s waterfront neighborhood and create a transit hub that serves local Mukilteo residents as well as ferry riders. Sound Transit worked with the Port of Everett, the City of Mukilteo, the City of Everett and Washington State Ferries on planning and integrating the transit elements. Sound Transit also worked closely with Burlington Northern Santa Fe, the United States Air Force, and NOAA on project planning.


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