Sound Transit celebrates millionth rider on Tacoma Link

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"In a previous day and age, Tacomans loved their electric streetcars. We were sure they'd love the 21st Century version as well, but we never expected this many people to ride Tacoma Link so quickly," said Sound Transit Board Chair and Pierce County Executive John Ladenburg as he greeted riders today at the Tacoma Dome Station. 

"Sometime today an anonymous rider will be the one-millionth person to board Tacoma Link," added Ladenburg. "Our original projection was for 2,000 riders per weekday in the year 2010. We're doing better than that! If we were carrying only 2,000 per weekday from day one, it would still be several more months before our one-millionth rider." 

"Tacoma Link helps Sound Transit meet its goal of connecting communities and neighborhoods by getting people out of their cars and carrying them for free between Tacoma Dome Station and the Theater District," Ladenburg said.  

As people board Tacoma Link trains today they are getting a big "THANKS" from Sound Transit. Tacoma Link stations are decorated with banners telling each rider "You are One in a Million!" Ladenburg was joined in greeting riders by three other Sound Transit Board members: Sound Transit Finance Committee Chair and Tacoma City Councilmember Kevin Phelps, Lakewood City Councilmember Claudia Thomas, and Sumner City Councilman Dave Enslow. 

"Our projections showed 2,000 daily weekday riders by 2010 but weekday ridership has exceeded 2,000 since we began service on August 23, 2003," Phelps said. 

"Tacoma Link has become an integral part of Downtown Tacoma's renaissance," Phelps added. 

"Visitors to the Museum of Glass love Tacoma Link," said Julie Pisto, Director of Marketing and Communications for the Museum of Glass and International Center for Contemporary Art. "The artwork at each station adds to the adventure of exploring downtown Tacoma." 

"The Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber is pleased ridership has exceeded our community's already optimistic expectations," said CEO David Graybill. "Tacoma Link is both a downtown transportation solution and an area attraction that has brought our community together."


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