Sound Transit Citizen Oversight Panel Releases Review of ST2

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Contact: Karen Miller, COP Chair, 425-778-0525

Sound Transit’s 15-member volunteer oversight group presented its observations of ST2 to the Board today. COP Chair Karen Miller, of Snohomish County, told Board members, “Despite the due diligence, careful analysis and open process, no plan that projects 20 years into the future can be without risk and uncertainty.”

Overall, the Panel believes the process of developing the ST2 Plan has been more thorough than Sound Move. Sound Transit has paid attention to the lessons of the past. Project scoping, cost estimating, and risk assessment have undergone due diligence and scrutiny both within the agency and by outside reviewers. Core principles of subarea equity and prudent financial planning have been retained. Sound Transit is now a strong, experienced, mature agency.

Miller went on to say, however, that the region faces continuing strong growth and what is currently an overheated construction market. Because of the substantial uncertainty in the 20-year plan assumptions, the Panel wanted to caution the Board against piling on too many additional projects and to leave an ample financial cushion to deal with potential future economic shocks.

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