Sound Transit responds to rider requests; introduces single-ride advance purchase tickets for Sounder

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In response to rider requests, commuters who are occasional Sounder riders will now be able to purchase single-use tickets in advance. The new scratch tickets will give commuters the flexibility to purchase tickets or upgrades for use anytime during the month marked on the ticket.

Currently, most Sounder riders purchase tickets at the time of departure using vending machines at the station. Riders asked for an advance purchase option, and the scratch style tickets will allow riders who know they'll use Sounder, but don't know exactly when, to order tickets in advance and bypass the vending machines when they arrive at the station.

The new tickets come in the six most common trip values and are valid for a single trip or a one-way ride. They are available on the 15th day of the month preceding the month in which they are valid (March tickets are available February 15th, etc.). Riders buy as many as they need for the month, then simply validate the ticket by scratching the time and date (morning or evening) before boarding the train.
To buy tickets by phone or to request a mail order form riders can call Pierce Transit at 1-800-562-8109. Mail order forms are also available on Sounder trains and online.

In less than four months of service, Sounder is already averaging more daily riders per train than some established commuter rail lines such as Los Angeles and Dallas. Even with the limited two train schedule and four stations, Sounder has averaged more than 1,300 riders a day. With the addition of stations in Kent and Puyallup on February 5, and a station in Tukwila in mid-March, ridership continues to grow.


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