Sound Transit to adjust bus services, add Sounder south train in 2013

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Board adopts Service Improvement Plan with more peak-hour bus trips to ease overcrowding

The Sound Transit Board today approved service plans for 2013 that maximize efficiencies on its ST Express system of regional buses by reducing service on low-performing routes while adding service to corridors where double-digit ridership growth has caused overcrowding on some buses.

The 2013 plan also adds a tenth Sounder commuter rail round-trip train between Lakewood and Seattle.

The service changes follow two months of public outreach about draft plans.  The changes will go live during regularly scheduled service changes in June and September of 2013. Sound Transit is making the bus route changes within existing resources.

A summary of the Service Implementation Plan as well as the complete document are available here:

Highlights of upcoming changes by area include:
Snohomish County 
Ten additional peak-period trips will address overcrowding on Routes 510 and 513 (Everett - Seattle).  Off-peak service between Snohomish County and Seattle will be consolidated into one route (Route 512).

"This is good news for Everett and Snohomish County commuters.  We're able to add almost 600 new seats during rush hours when we need it the most," said Sound Transit Board Member and Everett City Council Member Paul Roberts.

In response to public comments on draft service plans, Sound Transit will add a ST Express stop in downtown Everett for Seattle-Everett routes and maintain downtown Everett service during hours when local transit options are not available.

East King/South King County
Additional peak-period service will address overcrowding on Routes 545 (Seattle -- Redmond), 550 (Seattle - Bellevue) and 577 (Seattle - Federal Way).

New express service between Kent Station and Bellevue/Overlake will be timed to meet peak-direction Sounder trains at Kent Station.

All-day service will be introduced between Westwood Village and Sea-Tac Airport and Bellevue on Route 560, with more efficient routing. Route 560 service between the Alaska Junction and Westwood Village will be deleted to avoid duplication with Metro RapidRide.

The additional Sounder commuter train between Lakewood and Seattle will be added in September.