Sound Transit to hold public meeting on land development opportunity near First Hill streetcar line

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Public invited to learn about future development near streetcar route

Sound Transit will hold a community open house Monday, June 5 from 6 – 8 p.m. at the Silver Cloud Hotel, 1100 Broadway in Seattle, to discuss future development of land located at the northeast corner of Boylston Avenue and East Madison Street.

During the open house, representatives from Sound Transit, in partnership with the First Hill Improvement Association, will discuss opportunities for transit-oriented development on surplus land near the First Hill Streetcar rail route. Transit-oriented development typically includes a mix of housing, retail, office and other uses designed to support walkable communities near transit facilities.

This summer, Sound Transit will reach out to developers to build transit-oriented development on this property. The open house will offer members of the community an opportunity to share their thoughts on program elements of the future development, including affordable housing goals for the site. Community input will help Sound Transit craft its offering to the development community.

Combining housing and commercial uses helps to better serve residents and create opportunities for neighborhood destinations. Fostering mixed-use communities will make it easier for people to get around using transit, support local business and contribute to neighborhood growth, making First Hill a better place to live, work and play.

More information on transit-oriented development on First Hill can be found at