Sound Transit train, bus riders reminded to prepare for snow

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Transit riders asked to sign up for rider alerts, watch for snow-related service changes, and dress warmly

In response to weather forecasts predicting snow tomorrow and Thursday, Sound Transit is reminding its riders to take proactive steps to increase their "snow-how" for riding Link light rail, Sounder commuter rail, and ST Express regional buses.

The best way for transit users to plan ahead for snow is to sign up to receive rider alerts by e-mail or text message. Rider alerts offer a great way to stay informed since weather impacts vary by transit service. Riders have the option of choosing which specific updates to receive, such as alerts for specific bus routes, Sounder north line, Sounder south line, or Link light rail. Sound Transit posts updates as information becomes available.

To sign up for rider alerts, visit Rider Alerts online. During snow events, riders can find the most current alerts at the top right of the page. Riders without internet access can get up-to-date information by calling 1.888.889.6368.

Before heading out for their commute, transit users should check the Sound Transit website for information on snow-related service delays, bus re-routes, and other changes. Riders should bundle up, wear warm, sturdy shoes, and be prepared for longer waits due to weather-related traffic delays. Allow plenty of time to get to bus stops, stations and transit centers, and use caution when walking in wet or icy areas.

Important note: Snow re-routes and service cancellations are not reflected in itineraries generated by trip planners found on transit agency websites. Riders should check rider alerts and make necessary adjustments to their travel plans.