Sounder Everett train to Saturday Mariners game canceled

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Saturday train from Tacoma and Sunday service on north and south lines will operate

Sound Transit's special game day service from Everett to Seattle will be canceled on Saturday, August 28 as a result of a one-day track closure by Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway. The railway is closing portions of the north line track on Saturday for bridge construction work that will take place south of Edmonds.

The Sounder train from Tacoma to Seattle will operate as scheduled on Saturday, leaving Tacoma at 11:00 a.m. and arriving at King Street Station in plenty of time for the Mariners' game with the Minnesota Twins at 1:10 p.m.

Sunday Sounder service from Tacoma and Everett will run as scheduled on Sunday, August 29 for a second game between the Mariners and Minnesota Twins.

Sound Transit has distributed notices for its canceled August 28 north line service and posted updated schedule information on its website. Station agents will also be available on Saturday at north line Sounder stations to assist riders with bus alternatives.

More information on Sound Transit's special game day Sounder service can be found at