Sounder north commuter rail service shut down by mudslides

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Thursday evening commute the soonest trains could be back in service between Seattle and Everett

Sounder commuter rail service between Everett and Seattle will not run until the Thursday evening commute at the soonest because of mudslides across the tracks.

A mudslide blocked the tracks about eight miles south of Edmonds Tuesday morning, forcing passengers on two of the four Sounder commuter trains to disembark at Edmonds Station and ride buses the rest of the way to Seattle.

Sounder operates on railway owned and maintained by the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway. The railway requires a 48-hour waiting period after mudslides before resuming passenger service to ensure safe operating conditions.

Riders should check the Sound Transit website ( or call the toll-free service hotline (1-888-889-6368) before making Thursday evening Sounder travel plans.

Bus alternatives

The Sounder north line runs four weekday round trips between Everett and Seattle with stops in Mukilteo and Edmonds.

Seattle - Edmonds:

Take Community Transit Route 404 at 4th Avenue South and South Jackson Street for service to Edmonds Station. Extra buses will be available to reduce overcrowding.

Seattle - Mukilteo:

Take Community Transit Route 417 at 4th Avenue South and South Jackson Street for service to Mukilteo Station.

Seattle - Everett:

Chartered bus service will be available Tuesday afternoon at 4th Avenue South and South Jackson for direct service to the Everett Station. Riders also may board ST Express Route 510 at 4th Avenue South and South Jackson Street for service to Everett Station.

Check the Sound Transit website for more information:


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