State of the Agency: Joni Earl Delivers Third Quarter Report to Sound Transit Board

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"The State of the Agency is very good." With those words Sound Transit Executive Director Joni Earl presented her Third Quarter Report to the agency's Board of Directors.

In her report to the Board Earl said, "At the start of this year, Sound Transit tried something different. We sat down and compiled a chart of key milestones we expected to accomplish in 2002. As we thought about those milestones we were mindful of this agency's mission - building a regional transportation system, now and for the future."

"Compiling the milestones wasn't easy. But when we were finished we had set the bar for our work in 2002. The bar was set high because our expectations are high. By the end of the third quarter many of the milestones were reached and more will be completed by year's end - a very good success rate."

"I am pleased to accept this report - especially today," said Sound Transit Board Chair Ron Sims. "It comes on the day we dedicated the new Bellevue Transit Center - which was one of the major milestones for the year. This report - and the new transit center - are symbolic of the New Sound Transit. This is an agency that is accomplishing great things for the region"

Other milestones achieved in the first three-quarters of 2002 include the completion of the ST Express regional bus network; the opening of the Overlake Transit Center; ST Express carrying its 15 millionth passenger; Sounder commuter trains carrying their one-millionth passenger and adding a third train between Seattle and Tacoma and taking delivery of the trains for Tacoma Link light rail.

Follow this link for a complete copy of Sound Transit Executive Director Joni Earl's Third Quarter Report: stnews/current/3rdQ_2002_Report/stcurren3rdQReport2002.htm

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